Practical Matters


Email me the document you would like to have translated, and I will give you a quote on price and delivery.

When translating a document to be stamped, I need to see the original. I can begin working from a PDF, but I need to see the original before I can deliver a translation that I have stamped and where I have written  "true translation certified".

Complex texts

Outside our areas of specialization, translators are general practitioners. When I work on a text in a new field, I have to quickly familiarize myself with the field. I do this by working closely with the author, finding information on the internet and reading the relevant literature when considerations of time allow this.

I want you to be happy

It is my experience that authors might feel dissatisfied when they receive a translation. There are two main reasons for this.

A translation will often reveal any flaws in the source text. It will often uncover flawed argumentation and inconsistent reasoning. When I see such matters, I contact my clients. But I am not an expert in every field, and I cannot always detect such problems. My job is to deliver a good and accurate translation of the text I have received.

My translations do not reflect the author's thinking, only what they have written. I translate the meaning as it is conveyed to me.

For this reason, my clients are welcome to contact me within one week of delivery, so that we can make the text as good as possible.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance consists of close contact with the author. You can expect to receive a couple of emails with questions.

I always proofread my texts several times.

If a text is particularly demanding, I collaborate with another translator on proofreading.