Areas of Expertise

Academic texts and higher education

I have university degrees from both Norway and the UK, and am very familiar with the demands regarding academic texts. This, coupled with my many years in university administration and a long career delivering language services to this sector, offers unique knowledge and experience.

Legal texts

My time with the police ignited a great interest in texts related to both criminal and civil law, and I regularly work in this field. I see now how much I learned from my time with the National Criminal Investigation Service.

I translated all of the documents in a multimillion dollar case between the two Iargest players in the Norwegian IT industry. The case lasted for 3 years.


My interest in IT dates back to the early 1980s. For 12 years, I was a freelance translator for one of the world's largest IT companies.


I have worked extensively with the private sector since my time with Accenture. My jobs have included annual reports, websites, and tender documents.

Diplomas, certificates and official documents

I translate all types of official documents. My signature is registered with the notary public in Oslo.

Administrative texts

I have translated legislation, white papers and much else.

Special needs

I have knowledge and particular interest in this field. I translate pupils' annual reports, half-year reports, individual subject curricula and other texts.